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Walking your way to health: Waka is making it happen in Nigeria

Community, culture and executive leisure blend and walk together 

Walking your way to health: Waka is making it happen in Nigeria

Walking your way to health and keeping fit doesn’t require you joining an expensive membership gym or jogging on Lekki Ikoyi bridge or other high profile sidewalks. Waka, an indigenous group is giving a strong authentic flavor to one of the simplest and most effective forms of exercise- walking

Waka Community International is a wellness initiative committed to building a community of fitter, leaner, healthier and ultimately happier Nigerians through walking and eating right.

This initiative was born out of a passion by the founder, Lorenz O. Mba, a Strategy and Transformational Leadership Consultant with a 30+ year career that spans FMCGs, Financial Advisory, Investment Banking, Advertising and Consulting.

A fitness enthusiast, Lorenz felt a need to challenge willing participants to commit to changing lives one “Waka” at a time. That led to the birth of Waka Community International in September 2021 in the Facebook Groups section.

The Community had a membership of 400 in its first month and has since grown to almost 1000  members in 10 countries.

This rapid organic growth caught the attention of the Lagos Business School, and they requested Lorenz to share with global MBA students on using content creation, content management, digital creativity and the effective mix of social media tools to generate growth.

Key success factors

Walking your way to health: Waka is making it happen in Nigeria

Thrill with no frills 

Unlike a lot of online groups, Waka Community International does not quiz interested participants before joining. Members are encouraged to also invite family and friends to join at the click of a button. This leverages the notion that humans are social animals and are naturally communal.

No pressure 

Walking your way to health: Waka is making it happen in Nigeria

Waka Community International has a ‘no-pressure’ philosophy. Though members are encouraged to walk a minimum of thirty minutes each day, there are no sanctions for non-compliance. Waka believes that keeping fit and staying healthy is a personal responsibility.

Walking without borders 

Participation in the activities of Waka Community is not limited by physical distance. Each member walks at his own pace wherever in the world they are and upload their stats, photos or videos on the Waka Community International page. This motivates others to walk on.

Single-minded objective 

At the last count, the ages of members of Waka Community International

members are united in one purpose- the pursuit of healthier and ultimately happier lifestyles through walking and eating right.

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