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7 habits of highly effective PR and advertising pros. With list of PR agencies in Nigeria

The higher you go, the smarter you need to become 

7 habits of highly effective PR and advertising pros. With list of PR agencies in Nigeria

Even with so many unlicensed practitioners in the market, the Public Relations and Advertising professions have managed to stay respectable,  glamorous and attractive to new players.

Here are some habits of the most effective PR and advertising people:

Stay curious and read widely 

Top PR pros understand economics, marketing and global trends. By having both a micro and macro view, you grow your expertise.

What keeps you ahead is what you know. That comes from reading widely, staying curious and constantly learning. That great idea is always somewhere to be found.

Fantastic writing skills

7 habits of highly effective PR and advertising pros. With list of PR agencies in Nigeria

The foundation of public relations and advertising remains brilliant content and creative copy. Everything else flows from there.

Of course, you can engage the services of specialist  writers. But if you want to be seen to be a pro, you must personally strive to be a superb writer. It happens through desire and practice.

Think strategically 

PR pros understand tactics and strategy. They see the bigger picture and work towards ensuring that all the campaign elements fit into a strategic whole.

Don’t just take orders. Be an advisor

Be proactive and become a trusted adviser. Flag opportunities and threats offer strategic opinions and scenario analysis

The best PR and advertising people don’t just carry out clients’ orders, they provide direction. And therefore earn greater respect.

Outcome and output: Know the difference 

7 habits of highly effective PR and advertising pros. With list of PR agencies in Nigeria

PR and advertising agencies can sometimes be too concerned about the quantity of ads placed or the amount of press coverage received

But the true pros are not satisfied with the output alone. They also analyze the outcome to ensure every campaign produces the desired change in consumer behavior.

Understand the devil…

Yes, the devil is in the details. Top PR pros know that a seemingly small unchecked error can turn into a huge PR disaster.

The explosion of social media has made it even more imperative to pay great attention to details and specificity.

Understand media psychology and media relations. 

It’s impossible to be a complete PR person if you don’t understand the psychology of the media and what makes them tick.

Here are some simple tricks of excellent media relationship management:

  • Show respect.
  • Learn to say thank you.
  • Build personal rapport.
  • Send great  content.
  • Provide timely information.
  • Offer helpful tools for their jobs.
  • Remember their key milestones

List of PRCAN recognized agencies in Nigeria 

• Absolute PR

• As + A Communications

• Africa Practice

• BD Consult

• Bifocal Communications

• Blueflower Communications

• Brooks + Blake


• C & F Porter Novelli

• Caritas communications

• Chain Reactions Nigeria

• CMC Connect

• Compact communication Limited

• Davebrook

• Evolve Nigeria

• FCB Redline

• Hi-Tek productions

• Hill+Knowlton Strategies

• Image Consultants limited

• Imagelink communications

• Integrated indigo Limited

• JSP Communications

• LEAP Communications

• Marketing Mix & Company

• Mediacraft Associates

• Media Mark

• Messagesinc

• Metro Media

• Mike Okereke Consulting

• Mindshare Communications

• Media Penache Nigeria

• Nansolyvan PR

• NEO Media and Marketing



• PFC Africa

• Prize Consulting

• Quadrant MSL

• Redgecko

• Rytkey Concepts

• The Republic Media

• Red Media Africa

• Sesema Public Relations

• Silver Bullet

• SoulComms

• SY&T Communications

• Synthesis

• Tanus Communications

• Timex Intermedia

• Topcom

• TPT International

• TruCSR

• Tek Sight Edge


• Winning Concepts PR

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