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Why do the rich play golf?

Why do the rich play golf?

Have you ever wondered, “Why do rich people like playing golf?” You might as well also ask why people would want to spend hours walking around a massive field, trying to get a tiny white ball into an equally tiny hole.

There are several great reasons to love golf. Here are some reasons why rich people love to play golf.

The rich can afford it.

Playing golf is not cheap. Golf equipment, caddie fees, accessories and much more. It can easily cost you hundreds of thousands of Naira to get started.

Add to that golf club membership fees, and you might understand why sustaining a golf hobby is not for the average person.

Golf provides social status.

Why do the rich play golf?

Because of the high costs of golf compared to other sports, golf has become associated with money and status. So, even people who wouldn’t necessarily play golf otherwise sign up and start playing it. It’s not so much peer pressure as it is a status symbol. If you play golf, many people automatically assume you are well-to-do.

Showing off.

Why do the rich play golf?

This is similar to the earlier point. Because of its exclusiveness, some of the people who like to show off their wealth go for golf. Of course, not all people are showy, but showy, rich people find golf a pleasurable way to demonstrate their financial success.

Golf and power networking.

Golf clubs usually have many wealthy individuals as members. That includes businesspeople, bankers, investors, CEOs, and even politicians!

Quite a few deals have been initiated in the course of the greens at Ikoyi Golf Club, IBB Country Club, Lakowe Lakes and the likes.

Golf is also a very friendly way to discuss business deals. Because golf is a slow-paced sport, it allows people to talk while still focusing on the game. It’s like going for a walk with a friend but while playing an interesting game. This is why golf can be seen as a friendly way to discuss business deals.

Golf is fun and enjoyable.

Those who have no clue about golf, think it’s boring. But once you start playing it, you catch the bug too.

Until now, we’ve discussed some reasons rich people play golf that is not related to the actual game However, there’s no denying that golf is fun for many people. Not everyone enjoys golf, but there is a reason people play it — it can be very exciting.

Golf does not over task your body.

Golf doesn’t require as much physical exertion. It also doesn’t require players to be in top shape like other sports such as basketball or soccer or even tennis. You get great exercise from golf but yet it’s easy on the body.

Golf is also safe. Unlike biking or polo (other sports that rich people are into), the probability of getting injured while playing golf is extremely low.

Rich people have the time.  

Many wealthy people play golf simply because they have the time to do so. People who work 9-5 might not be able to go to the golf course during the day. On the other hand, rich people have more flexible schedules.

Golf gives you time and space to relax.

Going to the golf course isn’t just about the actual game. It’s a way to spend a day in a nice environment, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Golf courses often offer a refreshing oasis of green and quiet, which many wealthy people enjoy.

Golf vs self.

In golf, you compete against yourself: Rich people tend to be super competitive, and they hate losing. In golf, no one is directly trying to prevent you from doing what you want to do.

It’s challenging: Many highly successful entrepreneurs became so because they accomplished the seemingly impossible for their entire careers. With golf, the set of considerations (risk/reward, swing mechanics, personal tendencies) makes it challenging strategically, physically, and emotionally.

Connection to luxury and legitimacy.

Golf is connected to luxury. It’s a sport that allows people to relax, walk in nature, see beautiful scenery, all while enjoying a slow-paced game. All of those things together usually appeal to the personality of the luxury seeker or the rich person.

The image of luxury is further reinforced by the class of sponsorships golf enjoys, both in Nigeria and globally.

Last shot.

You now know the reasons why the rich enjoy playing golf. You too can join them…and perhaps also beat them.

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