Why is the Dead Sea called the Dead Sea?

the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is one of the most bizarre places on the planet. Have you ever wondered why it was so named the Dead Sea?

It’s pretty simple. The Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea  draw from the same source. The River Jordan feeds both seas, but while the Sea of Galilee is full of colorful marine life, sparkling and fresh, the Dead Sea is precisely that — dead, salty and heavy.

It is dead because the water flows in but does not flow out. While the Sea of Galilee happily gives all of its water to others, this Sea refuses and retains.

It has declined dramatically over the years. It needs an infusion of 160 billion gallons of water annually to maintain its current size. Alongside being the saltiest place in existence, the Dead Sea is also famous for being the lowest point on Earth.

There are many life lessons to take away from the Dead Sea.

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