What is the most stolen book in the world?

What is the most stolen book in the world?

Random fun facts will entertain, enlighten, and often captivate our minds. Fascinating facts too can sometimes come from unusual places. Here are 20 interesting facts, some with a PR flavor from the Bible.

Curiosity, the Bible and PR

1) What is the most shoplifted book in the world? Though it contains the implicit command that “thou shalt not steal,” the Bible takes the first prize as the world’s most stolen book.

2)  What did an Ethiopian emperor eat when she felt sick? When Menelik II, emperor of Ethiopia, felt unwell, he would eat a few pages of the Bible.

3) It took over 1,000 years to complete the Old Testament.

4) Leo Da Vinci’s studies of river erosion finally convinced him that Earth is much older than the Bible implies.

5) Why do Jehovah’s Witnesses not celebrate birthdays? Because the only two accounts of birthday parties in the Bible ended in murder.

6) China is the world’s largest supplier of Bibles.

7) The most expensive book in the world is the translation of Biblical psalms, “The Bay Psalm Book” which was sold for over $14 million.

8) The Bible, Steve Jobs’ Bio, and the Hunger Games, are the most highlighted kindle books ever.

9) The Bible is available in 2,454 languages.

10) Judas sold Jesus for the equivalent of 4 months’ pay of a working man.

11) Bibliomancy is the practice by some people of opening the Bible at random to be guided by whatever verse they see first.

12) Swearing on the Bible is forbidden by the Bible.

13) Possessing Bibles, watching South Korean movies and distributing pornography may be punished with death in North Korea.

14) The Bible was Isaac Newton’s greatest passion, writing more about religion than science and mathematics.

15) The King James Bible has inspired the lyrics of more pop and love songs than any other book.

16) There’s no physical description of Jesus in the Bible.

17) 12% of Americans think Joan of Arc was Noah’s wife, from the Bible.

18) In 1631, a huge reprint of the King James Bible was recalled and burnt due to a single typo: the Seventh Commandment stated “Thou shalt commit adultery.”

19) There’s an organization that parachutes copies of the Bible into North Korea.

20) What are some supposed PR examples in the Bible? Aaron speaking on behalf of Moses is considered an example of PR. Or the disciples who spread the news of Christ from city to city.

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