The Science of getting rich: Wallace Wattles

The Science of getting rich: Wallace Wattles

Hearing the word “science,” we imagine physics, maths, or biology. However, Wattles believes that getting rich also pertains to scientific knowledge, as it has its rules and laws we should follow and obey. The way we acquire riches is governed by these specific rules, so it is best that we learn them.

To many, poverty is a sign of a righteous and modest life. However, this is an outdated and harmful stereotype that keeps us from having fulfilling and successful lives. We cannot develop our potential and discover the hidden talents each of us possesses unless we have the money to do it.

Money also offers freedom of choice: when we don’t buy something, it should not because of our lack of resources but because we made a conscious choice not to.

One of the popular misconceptions is that to become rich or acquire wealth, you need to be saving money by being thrifty. While this is important, it is not the complete solution.

At this point, you need to remember that a desire to be rich is entirely normal, and you shouldn’t be ashamed of pursuing it. What is more, making money is an exact science. Therefore, anyone who masters it becomes rich.

The science of wealth in 7 steps

The Science of getting rich: Wallace Wattles

  1. Your thoughts, your power

Our thoughts create the reality we live in; therefore, for something to exist, we first need to imagine and mold it.

Your thought is compelling, so use it to change your life and wish for different things. Do not be afraid to wish big, but do it gradually, as you need to see for yourself that your thought has the potential to bring you riches.

It might sound far-fetched, giving the impression of some unjustified mysticism. Let’s consider the thesis mentioned above in more detail. Our universe is the original substance that took form due to the power of thinking. The thinking subject is each of us, our dream.

  1. Dare to dream

The more elaborate our dream is, the faster it will become a reality. We should attempt to be definite and specific, avoiding vagueness by all means.

Go over your wants and desires; see just what you want. Then, create a clear mental picture of it. Constantly keep in mind that vivid image as your goal, the same way an archer would keep their eyes on the target.

  1. Put your willpower where it belongs

One common mistake many of us make is trying to force the universe to make our dreams come true through our willpower. This endeavor is childish and wrong in its premise. The metaphor Wattles uses is for a person who attempts to trigger rain through their willpower or cajole God into realizing our wishes.

You do not have to use your strong will to conquer a stubborn deity or to make unfriendly and rebellious forces do your bidding. The original substance is friendly and accessible to you.

Only when you know what to think and which actions to take should you use your willpower to do the right things. That is the right and legitimate use of the will in getting what you want — to use it in directing yourself to the right course. You can use your strong will to keep yourself thinking and acting in a certain way.

Do not try to forcefully project your will, thoughts, or mind out into space to influence things or people. Always keep your mind where it belongs — within you. There, it can accomplish more than elsewhere. Use your mind to form a clear mental image of what you want and hold that vision with faith, courage, and purpose. And use your strong will to keep your mind working the way it should.

  1. Focus on the cure, not the cause

Instead of constantly dwelling on why are you poor, move your thinking into all the possibilities to produce wealth and opportunities.

Never mind the causes. Look for the cure. The more consistent your faith and purpose, the faster your chances of becoming rich because you will make many positive impressions upon the original substance.

  1. Connect thought with action

By thought, the things you desire are brought to you; by action, you receive them. So take action now!

The thought is the creative power, push, or force, which causes the creative ability to manifest itself. Having specific thoughts is the first great start. However, you must not rely solely upon thought, paying attention to personal action and development. The failure to connect thought with individual effort is the point many of us miss.

  1. Sharpen your tools constantly

Your brain is your factory. It needs to be kept sharp. And your skills are your tools to wealth. They must be kept sharp too.

It will be easy to succeed and profit if you are in the right business and well equipped with the mental tools.

Some of you might find it surprising, but we all can succeed in any business. Even if we don’t have the right talent for it, we can develop it and nail the sphere. To make that happen, you will need to learn to use new tools as you progress through life and not concentrate on just those you were born with.

  1. Remember the science of wealth

There is nothing wrong with wishing to be rich because money is a good fuel. Wealth is within grasp. First, you need to imagine in the slightest detail what it entails for you. Then, as your mental picture is ready, go ahead and start implementing it, step by step, detail by detail, just like you have envisaged.

That is the science of wealth.


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