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The best and worst times to post on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others

All times are equal. But some are more equal than others.

times to post on social media

When is the best time to post on social media and catch the most people online? There’s no absolutely perfect time to post on social media, but some data work better than the others.

Facebook now has 2.9 billion users, closely followed by YouTube with 2.3 billion, WhatsApp 2 billion, FB Messenger 1.3 billion, WeChat 1.2 billion and Instagram 1 billion. Timing your post perfectly can make a big difference for your business. Here’s a quick guide below:


Best time/day: 8am – 10am and 2-5pm from Monday to Friday.

Worst time/day: Before 8am and after 8pm weekdays, 10pm-4am on Saturday.

Frequency: At most 2 times a day.


Best time/day: 6-8am and 1-3pm on Mondays to Friday

Worst time/day: after 8pm weekdays, 8am on Saturday.

Frequency: At most 5 times a day.

Twitter Nigeria alert

Whenever Twitter returns to Nigeria, it will be a mad fever to start with. And all guidelines will be thrown out of the window in euphoria!


Best time/day: Fridays and Saturdays between 8pm to 11pm

Worst time/day: Weekdays work hours and evenings

Frequency: 1-5 times a day


Best time/day: 8am-12pm, 4pm-5pm from Monday to Friday

Worst time/day:  3pm – 4pm weekdays and Sundays

Frequency: At most 7 times per week


times to post on social media

Best time/day: 7am-11am and 5-6pm on Mondays to Friday

Worst time:  10pm- 6am weekdays

Worst day: Sundays

Frequency: 2-3 posts weekly.

How the pros post on social media.

Highly influential experts do not post too frequently. They are more concerned about quality than quantity. You want your target audience looking forward to your posts, not bored with them.[1]

Factors to consider when posting on social media.

  • Your target audience
  • Your competition
  • Your business goals
  • Time zone
  • Breaks from work on weekdays[2]

The 2 most important things. 

Quality and relevance. If your content is compelling and relevant your target audience will find it whenever you post it. Keep this truth in mind.[3]

times to post on social media

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