The 10 commandments of wealth by the Richest Man in Babylon

The 10 commandments of wealth by the Richest Man in Babylon

Want to get rich eventually?  You should take another look at The Richest Man in Babylon, a timeless book that reveals the secrets to making money and keeping it.

Here are some key principles and its 10 greatest Commandments of wealth, applicable to all persons, not just public relations people:

Thou shall save without excuses Start saving a portion of your income and invest it wisely. Be disciplined to save from every money you get, no matter how small.

  1. Control thy expenditures

Live within your means and do not overspend. Better still, try and live below your means. This is so much easier said than done.

  1. Make thy gold multiply

Invest your money in assets that will produce a return.

  1. Guard thy treasures from loss

Protect your investments by diversifying and avoiding too much risk.

  1. Thou shall invest in real estate

Make of thy dwelling a profitable investment: Invest in real estate, as it is an asset that will appreciate in value over time. It doesn’t have to be big.  Just start from somewhere.

The 10 commandments of wealth by the Richest Man in Babylon

  1. Thou shall insure a future income

Have an emergency fund available for times of financial distress or the unexpected.

  1. Increase thy ability to earn

Invest in yourself and acquire valuable skills that will allow you to command higher wages. Improve yourself continually

  1. Avoid get-rich-quick schemes

Focus on long-term wealth-building strategies rather than quick fixes or pyramid schemes.

  1. Learn from thy mistakes

Embrace failures as learning opportunities and adjust your strategies accordingly.

  1. Thou shall give

Share your wealth and contribute to the well-being of others.

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