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Selfies according to Zara

Selfies according to Zara

Zara, the high-street clothing retailer familiar to most Nigerian frequent travelers, found an interesting response to the limitations placed on brands during the pandemic. 

As studio photoshoots were rendered almost impossible due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Zara instead sent product samples directly to models so that they could self-shoot the campaign from their homes.

During the Shot-from-home campaign,[1]Zara sent their latest collections samples to home addresses of their models. The models did a self-shoot of the new collection, which resulted in many interesting selfies/self-photo shoots. 

Zara is a brand known for its product styling, and so finding a way to continue to shoot on models during this social-distancing period allowed it to promote the new collection in a way that still maintains creativity on the site and feels true to the brand image.

PR and brand lessons 

Turn a challenge into an opportunity 

Rather than folding their arms and just waiting for the restrictions to be lifted, Zara turned the challenge into an opportunity 

Selfies according to Zara

Stay connected with your key stakeholders

Models are crucial to Zara’s success and an integral part of their ecosystem. This PR campaign kept Zara well connected to this base. 

Stay visible 

Media and brand visibility should be maintained consistently. The Zara Shot From Home Campaign helped to keep the brand in the media space in key markets around the world. 

PR says…

The goal of PR is to help clients maintain a threshold awareness for their clients’ brand all through the year and not only after a big launch event. This is where the creative approach comes in. 

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