Peter Obi’s latest quotes from Canada – “I am not promising happiness”

Peter Obi’s latest quotes from Canada - “I am not promising happiness”

Canadians and North Americans got a taste of “Obimania” when Presidential aspirant Peter Obi came to town. Peter Obi made many pledges and promises. But he failed to make one big promise to Nigerians.

“I’m not promising Nigerians happiness. It’s the entertainment business that promises happiness. I promise change and progress,” Peter Obi stated.

Here are the quotes and promises Peter Obi released in Canada and his UK and North American trip.

Peter Obi’s latest quotes and promises

Peter Obi’s latest quotes from Canada - “I am not promising happiness”

Brain drain – “The brain drain in Nigeria will soon become a brain gain.”

Election rigging – The voice of the people is the best anti-rigging device!

Nothing can stop the voice of the people. The movement we have today will compel INEC to do the right thing.

Exodus of Nigerians – 70% of Nigerians in Canada and the diaspora probably wouldn’t have left Nigeria, if Nigeria was working.

Peace – Nigerians living abroad can’t have peace if there’s no peace in Nigeria.

Leadership – Don’t overpraise leaders before they perform. Let their performance first speak before you praise them.

Leadership is about accountability because people don’t do what is expected. They do what’s inspected.

Security and poverty – The more you put people out of poverty, the more security you have. This is called natural security and it’s the greatest security of all.

Police and policing – Egypt has a population of 100 million and has over 1 million police force  Nigeria has 200 million and less than 400,000 in police. This ratio is unacceptable.

Policing shouldn’t be at the Federal level alone. I will also introduce state police, community policing and multi-level policing.

Abacha loot – I won’t waste time looking at the past. Those who focus on the past will not be able to see tomorrow clearly.

Cost of governance – Nigeria’s cost of governance is ridiculously high because of the multiple layers of corruption.

For example, why should a state build a Presidential lodge when the President doesn’t live there and only visits occasionally?

Inflated government contracts – We must cut costs without compromising quality. As Anambra State Governor, we got a quote of over N260 million to rebuild the Government lodge. I used direct labor instead and got it done for less than N43 million.

First Lady – I Peter Obi will not have the office of the First Lady. The people elected a president, not a First Lady.

Women and power – Women are Nigeria’s most underutilized assets. Women always give better returns. Learning and leading go together. Nigeria has had enough of men. We need more women in Government.

“NEPA” and electricity – I Peter Obi will declare a state of power emergency in Nigeria. South Africa with a population of 50 million generates 50,000 Megawatts of electricity. Nigeria with a population of over 200 million generates a mere 12,522 MW

Nurses – By 2030, there will be a global demand of over 20 million nurses. Nigeria should prepare to be an exporter of nurses.

Naira dollar exchange rate – You must produce and export to increase the value of the Naira. Nigeria’s 200 million population has a land space of 930. 000 sq km. Our exports amounted to only $60 billion. Vietnam has 100 million and a much smaller land space but has over $312 billion in exports.

Peter Obi’s latest quotes from Canada - “I am not promising happiness”

Happiness & expectations  – I’m not promising Nigerians happiness. What I promise is good governance, which might come with some initial pain.

Peter Obi has spoken.

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