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IBB Golf Club set to raise Nigeria’s public relations and golf profile

IBB Golf Club set to raise Nigeria’s public relations and golf profile

Nigeria’s golf and overall public relations standing are poised to receive a major boost from the highly acclaimed IBB Golf Club Abuja, which has pledged to make its golf course one of the most elite in the world.

With the October 1st Independence Golf Tourney aimed at hitting over 150 million eyeballs in Nigeria and around the world, the IBB Golf Club event will give Nigeria an extra touch of public relations.

The Chairman of the Independence Cup Organising Committee, and the Club’s Vice Captain, Ibrahim Babayo said that “the Club will continue to forge strategic partnerships with carefully selected Nigerian corporations and overseas golf clubs.

“We will work to propel the Independence Golf Tourney into the ranks of the world’s top 30 tournaments, elevate the IBB Golf Club to an iconic golf course, and usher in a new era of golf tourism.”

The IBB Golf Club will host over 500 golfers including 100 foreigners in the highly anticipated 2023 edition of the October 1st Independence Golf Tourney from September 25-October 1st. The visiting countries are Ghana, Cameroon, Uganda and Rwanda.

The event is expected to be a gathering of who’s who and will be the country’s single biggest golf tournament. It will also be a celebration of unity, talent, and excellence on the lush greens of one of Africa’s best championship golf courses.

This year’s IBB Golf Club Independence edition will be beamed to a national and global audience expected to surpass over 150 million people.

For the first time in its storied history, the Independence Golf Tourney will see the participation of four countries, welcoming approximately 100 foreign players to the course.

Sponsors to ride high

IBB Golf Club set to raise Nigeria’s public relations and golf profile

The IBB Club Captain, Dr. Banjo Obaleye, stated that “the international camaraderie underscores the tournament’s growing reputation and showcases the lush conditions of the course, made possible by state-of-the-art machinery never seen before in Nigeria’s golf history.”

Breaking away from the traditional approach, this year’s event also promises to create an unforgettable tournament for players and an unprecedented experiential experience for sponsors.

Though the IBB International Golf and Country Club itself cannot affiliate with international golf bodies, the pursuit of global recognition remains at the forefront.

Established in 1987 under the visionary leadership of its founders, the IBB International Golf and Country Club has grown to become a symbol of prestige, unity and achievement.

The Club parades the finest Bermuda tuff dwarf greens, making it one of the best golf turfs globally.

It is recognized as a championship golf course and a top contender in Africa.

The country’s sitting President has traditionally always been the Grand Patron of the Club. President Bola Tinubu has been specially invited to the October 1st grand finale which will be a gathering of some of the country’s most influential persons and golfers.

Recognizing the substantial potential of golf in the global tourism market, the IBB International Golf and Country Club is championing the development of golf tourism in Nigeria.

Over 50 corporate sponsors have already pledged to add their voices to the new golf direction.

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