How can a useless piece of fabric determine social status?

social status

Fashion trends come and go. But the tie has survived all the whims and winds of fashion, and still makes a bold statement for men everywhere it goes. This calls to mind the question, how can a useless piece of fabric determine social status?

The necktie seems to have its origins in the 17th century when King Louis XIV and Cardinal Richelieu were presented with the Croatian mercenaries that helped them win the battle against the Hapsburg Empire. 

The soldiers were wearing red ties. Both the monarchy and the public were intrigued. Since the elite of the French monarchy was wearing them, it didn’t take long for the custom to spread all over Europe, and later to the rest of the world. 

Why has this apparently useless piece of silk, or wool, or rayon, or polyester survived the swings of fashion for more than three centuries? 

Tie reigns supreme.  

social status

It is not surprising that a fashion of military[1]  background would come to represent higher social standing. While the foot soldiers would have coarse cloth, the officers would have silk ties. Affiliation, background, class – then became the weapon of the social elite. And remains a fashion statement today. 

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Article Sources
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