Google is cracking down on Ai content: PR people and bloggers beware

Google is cracking down on Ai content: PR people and bloggers beware

Is your Ai AI-generated content fooling some people? Google thinks so. AI has been a powerful fool and game changer for content creators, advertising agencies and public relations professionals.

But it’s also opened the door to potential manipulation and low-quality, over-stuffed AI content by public relations agencies and bloggers. Here are some ways Google is tackling this double-edged sword:

1. Google Search engine update

According to Pandu Nayak, a vice president of search at Google, the company has just implemented a significant update to their search algorithm specifically targeting low-quality, AI-generated content.

This update is aimed at improving search results by reducing spam and downgrading from its rankings, content that isn’t helpful to users. Public relations agencies and content creators should take note.

2. Scaled AI content abuse

Google targets content created in large quantities by public relations agencies and content creators with the sole purpose of manipulating search rankings, rather than providing value to users. This applies to both AI-written and human-written content.

3. Combating site reputation misuse

Google is also cracking down on the practice of using established websites to host low-quality AI-generated content. This involves identifying situations where a reputable site might be renting space for content that provides little value.

4. Flagging expired domain abuse

Google is now better at detecting when someone takes over an old, high-ranking domain and fills it with AI-generated spam content to climb search rankings.

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