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From bread buyer to breadwinner: the sensational PR story of a little girl and Albany bread

From bread buyer to breadwinner: The sensational PR story of a little girl and Albany bread

A three-year-old girl from South Africa named Lethukhanya Mjaja was sent to buy a loaf of bread (comparable to Agege bread). She was captivated by the muddy water nearby and started playing while still holding the loaf of bread. she was sent to buy.

Her uncle, a commercial photographer was equally fascinated by the scene, and quietly took some action photos which he immediately posted online.

The pictures went viral and took the social media world by storm. This also caught the attention of the bread company, Albany, who saw a golden PR and marketing opportunity.

The little girl in the mud was soon splashed across their billboards, delivery trucks and other advertising platforms.

Sale of the Albany bread brand exploded as a result. The company signed the 3-year old as a brand ambassador and offered her a lucrative contract.

Little Lethukhanya Mjaja became the face of Albany bread, and she went from a bread buyer to a breadwinner for her family.

Albany Bread and the PR lessons

From bread buyer to breadwinner: The sensational PR story of a little girl and Albany bread

The Lethukhanya Mjaja story clearly demonstrates public relations in action and the power of unexpected moments. Here are 4 key lessons for PR pros:

  1.  Seize unexpected opportunities:

Professional PR practitioners should always be alert to unexpected moments or content that has the potential to go viral. This is how positive disruption happens.

  1.  Use social media  strategically

Social media can be a powerful tool for amplifying stories and quickly reaching a wide audience. Smart PR pros use social media strategically.

  1.  The power of emotional connection

The bread company recognized the unique opportunity presented by Lethukhanya’s viral photos and capitalized on the strong emotional appeal. Strong emotional rings produce unforgettable campaigns

  1.  Leverage user-generated content and visuals

Content is king. But timely user-generated content is pure gold. PR pros should seek this out proactively and grab it whenever it comes.

Captivating visual assets also enhance brand recall and produce powerful PR campaigns.

By Ishola Ayodele

Public Relations + intelligence
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