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FedEx, UPS and DHL suspend services to Russia

FedEx, UPS and DHL suspend services to Russia

Nigerians planning to send urgent documents and parcels to businesses or families in Russia and Ukraine can no longer do so as the major courier companies have suspended services to the dangerous region.

U.S. based UPS and FedEx Corp, two of the world’s largest logistics companies, have said they are halting delivery service to Russia and Ukraine in light of the Russian invasion of its neighbour.

DHL had also temporarily suspended shipments to Russia and was avoiding Ukrainian airspace for its global operations.

Both inbound and outbound services have been suspended to Ukraine, as well as deliveries to destinations in Russia, UPS and FedEx said in online statements seen on Sunday.

Both Atlanta-based UPS and Memphis-headquartered FedEx had said on Feb. 24 that they were suspending services to Ukraine in light of the invasion.

Both firms are also not likely to continue using Russian airspace, as the Russia-Ukraine conflict rages on and the world exerts increasing pressure on Russia.

DHL’s statement did not mention if its operations in Russia had been amended, and follow-up questions seeking clarification were not immediately confirmed

Nigerian students in Ukraine and Russia.

FedEx, UPS and DHL suspend services to Russia

Over the last two decades, Ukraine has emerged as a choice destination for African students, especially those in medicine-related fields, because it is cheaper than, Europe, and the United States.

Even during the Cold War era, students of African descent were given scholarships to study in different states across the Soviet Union as the communist enclave sought to increase its soft power in Africa.

There are fewer Nigerian students in Russia. But recently Nuclear technology global leader and Russian based Rosatom has been supporting the study of nuclear technology in Russia by young Nigerians.

There are over 4,000 Nigerians studying in tertiary institutions in Ukraine, one the highest numbers in the world.

The Nigerians in Russia and Ukraine are also all caught up in the crossfire of war and propaganda.

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