Chief Philip Asiodu x-rays Nigeria’s political history and image

Chief Philip Asiodu x-rays Nigeria’s political history and image

As Nigeria gears up for the next winner takes all elections, old voices are joining the new-age politicians in the pre-election hype. Chief Philip Asiodu is the latest to enter the conversation, under the auspices of Alqemi and Green House Club on August 11.

Chief Philip Asiodu, the super Perm Sec is widely considered one of Nigeria’s most distinguished bureaucrats. During the administration of General Yakubu Gowon (1966-75), Asiodu played a key role, and remained a high-profile political influencer well into the eighties.

The super perm sec’s political menu

Chief Philip Asiodu

  • Zikism, Pan-Africanism and pre-Independence high hopes
  • The golden years and decline of the Nigerian civil service
  • Background and responses to the Biafran Crisis
  • The Aburi Accord and search for a more perfect union
  • Rights and wrongs of the Post-war integration
  • The stillbirth of the 3rd National Development Plan (1975-80)
  • The high and low points of Nigerian diplomacy
  • Gowon, Shagari, and Obasanjo: Lessons on advising presidents
  • Contextualizing the rise and popularity of separatist groups today.

The political drums in Nigeria can only beat louder.

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