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Chevron shows public relations in action in job recruitment scam

Chevron shows public relations in action in job recruitment scam

In a bold display of public relations planning, Chevron has taken swift action to combat the unauthorized use of its brand in fake job recruitment schemes in Nigeria.

The energy giant recently found itself at the center of a deceptive ploy, wherein scammers exploited the company’s reputation to lure unsuspecting job seekers into false recruitment process and employment offers.

In response, Chevron has rolled out a strategic and proactive public relations campaign to safeguard its brand integrity and protect individuals from falling victim to these fraudulent activities. This proactive stance highlights Chevron’s commitment to ethical practices and its dedication to maintaining trust with the public.

Here’s how Chevron Nigeria effectively addressed this imminent public relations challenge:

  1. Issuing an Official Statement

CNL promptly released an official statement signed by its General Manager of Policy, Government & Public Affairs, E.O. Brikinn, which was distributed to the media. This clear statement served to clarify the company’s stance on the matter and reassure the public of its commitment to ethical recruitment practices.

  1. Clarifying Official Recruitment Channels:

CNL reiterated its official recruitment methods, emphasizing that all legitimate job opportunities within the corporation are exclusively advertised in the media and its official website: http:/ This clear communication aimed to direct potential applicants to the correct channels and prevent them from falling victim to fraudulent schemes.

  1. Public relations distancing

Chevron firmly distanced itself from any job advertisements or offers published on online platforms, websites, emails, posters, handbills, or any other medium outside of its official channels. By explicitly stating its non-involvement with such unauthorized recruitment initiatives, it aimed to protect individuals from fraudulent activities while safeguarding its own reputation.

In taking these proactive measures, Chevron Nigeria effectively managed the potential PR fallout from false recruitment schemes, safeguarding its credibility and reinforcing trust within its community, investors, and the public at large.

What next, Chevron?

Chevron shows public relations in action in job recruitment scam

The PR story will be perfect and complete if Chevron can further clarify its recruitment process and demonstrate how it is helping to reduce Nigeria’s alarming graduate unemployment situation.

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