Brand Emirates flies back to Nigeria

Brand Emirates flies back to Nigeria

The PR war between the Nigerian Government, Emirates, British Airways and all the other airlines is coming to an end, as Emirates confirms its resumption of flights to Nigeria.

The statement released by the world’s fastest growing airline, confirmed that full services will commence again in Nigeria from September 11.

The Emirates spokesperson said:

Emirates welcomes the Central Bank of Nigeria’s move to release a portion of our blocked funds, and we continue to engage with the Nigerian authorities to ensure the repatriation of our outstanding and future funds may continue without hindrance.

In light of these developments, Emirates will reinstate flights to/from Lagos from 11 September, which is the earliest date for us to co-ordinate the smooth and safe resumption of operations. It will also provide travellers sufficient time to plan and book their journeys.

We constantly review our network operations and will adjust our flying schedules to respond to market demand and other operational factors.

We remain keen to serve Nigeria, by providing international connectivity for travellers and businesses to access to trade and tourism opportunities in Dubai, and across our broader network of over 130 destinations.”

What next for Emirates and government?

Brand Emirates flies back to Nigeria

This is the most likely scenario:

  • Emirates and all the other airlines will resume full operations and  competition.
  • Airlines will continue to work behind the scenes to get the balance payment from CBN, as so far, less than 50% of the amount being owed has been paid.
  • Flight fares in Nigeria will remain high in the short to medium term.
  • Airlines may restart the battle afresh in a few months, if CBN goes back on its payment promise.
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