Amazon launches new Ai Chatbot to compete with ChatGPT

Amazon launches new Ai Chatbot to compete with ChatGPT

Amazon is the latest ChatGPT competitor. Amazon has joined the chatbot race, announcing Amazon Q, a digital assistant that will help corporate customers search for information, write code and review business metrics.

Amazon Web Services, the retailer’s cloud-computing division, is infusing generative artificial intelligence into more products, expanding its efforts to reclaim ground in a field led by its main rivals.

Chatbots powered by generative AI are “genuinely super useful for consumers,” Adam Selipsky, chief executive officer of AWS, said Tuesday at re:Invent, the company’s conference in Las Vegas. “But in a lot of ways, these applications don’t really work at work.”

Amazon Q, which the company says was trained in part on AWS’s internal code and documentation, will be available for developers who use the company’s cloud. It will also be added to Amazon’s business intelligence software, as well as programs for call-center workers and logistics managers.

The company says the assistant can be customized to consider corporate data or an individual’s profile. Microsoft Corp., with its Copilot products, and Alphabet Inc.’s Google have made similar moves.

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