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51 social media post ideas to spice up your website

Variety is the soul of pleasure”

social media post ideas

Readers and consumers are drawn to a brand or website by the peripheral and the core. The core is your value system and what you stand for. That should remain constant. The peripheral are the items you add to spice up your brand.
Here are some fascinating ideas to flavor your social media site:
  1. Share a Thank God Its Friday post
  2. Ask a question
  3. Liven up “boring” topics by pairing them with light-hearted stuff.
  4. Ask readers to caption a photo
  5. Publish a cartoon
  6. Theme a series of posts
  7. Challenge or ask your readers to take a pledge
  8. Host contests
  9. Share testimonials
  10. Create an explainer image
  11. Have a fan or reader of the week
  12. Share user-generated content
  13. Ask fans or readers how they are feeling
  14. Share an “on this day” post
  15. Give away something for free
  16. Share a fun statistic
  17. Share some fascinating facts
  18. . Share a gallery of images
  19. Post a GIF
  20. Show your brand giving back
  21. Celebrate big holidays
  22. Capitalize on fleeting trends
  23. Share an infographic
  24. Be an inspiration
  25. Run an instant win contest
  26. Advertise a job opening
  27. Ask readers to “join you” for special events
  28. Celebrate little-known / weird holidays
  29. Share live updates of big events.
  30. Use a timely meme
  31. Motivate your readers.
  32. Share nostalgic memories
  33. Partner with an influencer
  34. Share a photo collage
  35. Have a photo of the day
  36. Run a mini-pollL
  37. Make a fill-in-the-blank post for your audience to answer.
  38. Highlight a product of the week
  39. Hold a quiz
  40. Share motivational quotes
  41. Share public announcements
  42. Have readers share selfies
  43. Post an offer
  44. Share something shocking
  45. Have an announcement countdown
  46. Tease upcoming products
  47. Ask a True or False question
  48. Use the “turn back time” hashtag
  49. Promote a Twitter chat[1]
  50. Share a post on “do you remember?”
  51. Share some words of wisdom.[2]
Post and roll
social media post ideas
Content will always remain king and consistency the key success factor in PR and Marketing. But variety never ceases to excite the audience.

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