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18 life skills that never go out of fashion

Happiness is within reach.

18 life skills

Sometimes the keys to happiness lie where we do not expect. Rich or poor, skilled or unschooled, business expert or beginner? Here are 18 skills that never go out of style and pay off for life:

1. Empathy

2. Listening

3. Self awareness

4. Asking for help

5. Positive self talk

6. Time Management

7. Living in the moment

8. Constant learning

9. Mastering your sleep

10. Understanding people

11. How to present yourself

18 life skills

12. Mastering your thoughts

13. Knowing when to shut up[1]

14. Being honest with yourself

15. Building self confidence

16. Continuously working on your goals

17. Consistency[2]

18. Generosity and charity

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